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NEW FEATURE: Add a carousel of your favorite ckbk recipes to any blog post or web page

ckbk’s new-and-improved sharing menu makes it easy to share your favorite ckbk recipes, collections, books and authors via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email or any other channel.


Look more closely and you’ll see that there is now an additional choice when you share a collection. The ‘Embed’ option provides a snippet of code which you can add to a blog post or a web page to show the collection as a carousel of recipes.

To add the collection just copy the code ‘snippet’ and paste it into the HTML of your blog post or web page whereever you want the content to appear.

Here’s what an embedded recipe collection looks like:


  • The sharing menu for books and for authors also includes an embed option – in those cases the snippet will display the most popular recipes for that book/author.

  • The embed option appears in the sharing menu on the ckbk website but not in the ckbk app, because the app uses the standard iOS/Android sharing menu.

  • If you update the collection on ckbk, the embedded collection will update ‘automagically’.