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NEW feature: Personal Collections

Your personal recipe playlists

Personal Collections help you bring together your favorite recipes, articles, authors and cookbooks. Our newest feature helps you save and organize all the discoveries you want to revisit—intriguing new-to-you techniques, cookbooks you want to dive deeper into, drool-inducing recipes to impress your next dinner guests, award-winning authors you’d like to learn more about and reference articles to help you overcome the curse of the fallen soufflé.

Add items to your collections

To add items to a collection, use the ADD TO COLLECTION button from any book, author or recipe page. Add to an existing collection or create a new one.

When viewing collections you can flip between recipes, books and author views—all can be saved to the same collection.

Create a new collection

Create any number of collections with titles and descriptions customized by you.

Personal Collections will help you plan meals and menus, save lists of new skills you aspire to master, document the recipes you love, develop menus for a holiday dinners or special events and simply save ideas for another time. You’ll thank yourself later for being so organized.

Manage your collections

Edit the name and description of your collections, remove items, or delete your collections altogether.

More coming soon!

Our team is busy at work to bring you enhanced features. Soon you’ll be able to share your collections publicly with other ckbk users, collaborate with friends and family, and opt to get search results related to your favorites and collections.

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