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Get your collections in order with ckbk's latest new features

Personal collections are a great way to organize and manage your favorite books and recipes. The only problem is, if you have lots of collections, it can sometimes be awkward to scroll and find the collection you want.

Many users have asked if we can provide additional options to help manage long lists of collections, and we are happy to announce several new features to help with this.

By default your collections are listed with the most recently created collections first:


But if you would prefer to see them with the most recently used collection first (even if it was created a long time ago) that is possible too:


Lastly, you can now also choose to see your collections in alphabetical order. A useful trick, shown below, is that you can use an asterisk (or a space) to force a collection to appear at the top of your collection list. In fact, by choosing an appropriate set of prefixes for your collection titles, “alphabetical” order can be used to impose any ordering you like.


As well as being available on the collection page, you will find that the new collection ordering options are also available whenever you add a recipe to a collection (using the Add to Collection button or the … menu on each recipe search result).


As well as being able to sort collections you can also search the collection list both on the Collections page and (as shown below) when adding to a collection, making it easy to find just the right place to file a particular recipe:


We know if can be annoying if you go to a lot of trouble to set things up the way you like, but then they keep flipping back to the ‘default’ setting, but don’t worry, your preferred ordering for your collections is stored in your ckbk user profile, so if you prefer your collections alphabetical, ckbk will keep them that way for you!


The new collection ordering and collection search features are available now on the ckbk website and in the latest release of the ckbk app (version 1.7.3). If you need to upgrade, just visit the App Store or Google Play.