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Share your collections privately with friends, family and colleagues

Personal collections on ckbk offer a great way to bring together and share your favourite recipes, books, and authors on a given topic.

Until now, there have been just two privacy options for collections:

  • Private collections are only visible to you

  • Public collections are accessible to everyone, and appear on ckbk’s search results

This week, we introduced a third option:

  • Unlisted collections are accessible only to those with whom you share the link (example)

Unlisted collections are perfect for sharing a menu of recipes, or a curated collection of books, with a specific group of people – friends, family members, or professional colleagues.

Ideas for using unlisted collections:

  • A collection of guilty secret recipes which you only want to share with nearest and dearest

  • Planning a special surprise meal, which only your fellow planners should know about

  • Sharing the source recipes for a culinary school assignment with students

  • Gathering ideas for a new menu at a restaurant

The Privacy setting is shown on each personal collections page – just click it to change the privacy level, as in the example below.


You can choose Get shareable link from the menu of any collection to easily get the link you need to share it.


The new Unlisted collection feature is included in the latest release of the ckbk app (version 1.6.2). If you need to upgrade, just visit the App Store or Google Play.