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So you think you know ... wasabi

ckbk has teamed up with The Wasabi Company and Real Wasabi to test your knowledge of this fiery rhizome. The Wasabi Company offer fresh wasabi grown on their Dorset farm in England and are the first growers of fresh wasabi in Europe. Real Wasabi have been growing wasabi using traditional methods from their mountain farms in North Carolina.

Fresh wasabi can be hard to find outside Japan, but thanks to specialist suppliers such as The Wasabi Company and Real Wasabi you can now try it in your kitchen at home on nearly 150 wasabi recipes on ckbk. We hope you enjoy finding out more about this ingredient through our quiz – and if you need a helping hand you can discover some fascinating facts about wasabi.

We’ve also teamed up with both companies to offer ckbk users a discount off all their specialist products and ingredients. For Real Wasabi just use the code SAVE15 when you check out to save 15%. For The Wasabi Company use CKBK10 when you check out to save 10%.

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