Apricot Gateau


  • 1 round of Genoese pastry or rich, light cake 6 in. diameter and 1 in. thick
  • 2 tablesp. sherry or fruit juice
  • 2 doz. savoy fingers soft textured
  • 2 tablesp. sieved apricot jam
  • a length of 1-in. wide, pale coloured ribbon to tie round the sponge fingers (about 12 in.)
  • angelica


  • 1 large can apricots
  • ½ pt. lemon jelly tablet
  • ¾ pt. double cream
  • castor sugar to taste


Place the round of cake on a serving plate and sprinkle with the sherry or juice. Trim the sponge fingers so that the sides are quite straight and all are equal in length, with one end trimmed straight across. Melt the ½ pt. jelly tablet in ¼ pt. of apricot juice and allow to cool, but not set. Brush inside of trimmed end of each sponge finger to 1 in. in depth with sieved apricot jam; dip one edge only in cool jelly, and press firmly against the side of the round of cake. As each finger is so treated, the jellied edge will be in contact with the dry edge of the adjacent finger, and a firm case may be made without danger of the fingers becoming sodden and crumbling. The rounded, sugary surface of the finger faces outwards. Tie the ribbon round the finished case so that the sponge fingers are held firmly upright, and leave to set.

Filling: Drain apricots well, and reserve 6 halves for decoration. Cut the remainder into quarters. Whip the cream until the fork leaves a trail; sweeten to taste with castor sugar. Put ¼ of the cream into a forcing bag with rose pipe, for decorating (optional). Stir the quartered apricots into the remainder of the cream. Lastly stir in pt. of the liquid jelly, steaming hot. Pour immediately into the sponge-finger case. Arrange the 6 apricot halves (either whole or cut as liked) on the top, and pipe cream roses between and around to cover the surface of the cream. Decorate with angelica.


Use fresh or canned strawberries, or chopped pineapple, or fruit-flavoured ice cream, or custard cream fillings.