Battenburg Cake


  • 2 Victoria sandwich cakes made in oblong tins, one white and the other coloured pink
  • 1 tablesp. apricot glaze
  • almond paste using 3 oz. ground almonds, etc.


  • Glacé cherries
  • angelica


Cut the cakes into strips 8–9 in. long and in. square at ends—pink and 2 white pieces will be needed. Join these together with apricot glaze to make a square end having pink and white pieces alternately. Roll almond paste into an oblong, wide enough and long enough to wrap round the cake, leaving the ends open. Trim edges of almond paste. Spread top of cake with apricot glaze and invert on to almond paste. Spread the remaining three sides with glaze, roll up firmly and join almond paste neatly. To decorate, pinch the two top edges between thumb and forefinger. Mark the top of the cake lattice-fashion with a knife and decorate with cherries and angelica.