Sauce for Boil’d Ducks or Rabbits


To boil’d Ducks or Rabbits, you must pour boil’d Onions over them, which make thus: Take the Onions, peel them, and boil them in a great deal of Water; shift your Water, then let them boil about two Hours, take them up and throw them into a Cullender to drain, then with a Knife chop them on a Board; put them into a Sauce-pan, just shake a little Flour over them, put in a little Milk or Cream, with a good Piece of Butter; set them over the Fire, and when the Butter is all melted they are enough. But if you would have Onion-Sauce in Half an Hour, take your Onions, peel them, and cut them in thin Slices, put them into Milk and Water, and when the Water boils they will be done in twenty Minutes, then throw them into a Cullender to drain, and chop them and put them into a Sauce-pan; shake in a little Flour, with a little Cream, if you have it, and a good Piece of Butter; stir all together over the Fire till the Butter is melted, and they will be very fine. This Sauce is very good with roast Mutton, and it is the best Way of boiling Onions.