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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

by Hannah Glasse

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This kitchen staple written by the English author Hannah Glasse in 1747 remained a bestseller in North America and Europe for over a century. Take a trip back in time to learn how to boil, fry, roast and make sauces, hashes, ragouts, and fricassees and all the necessary cooking skills in between.

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Glyn Hughes

Food historian

This hugely popular cookbook went through 26 editions in its day. Mrs Glasse, though, found herself in debtor's prison when her dressmaking business went bankrupt and she had to sell the copyright to her cookery book. It is famous for the line "Hare Soup. First catch your hare...", but these words occur in no edition I can find.

Peter Ross

Culinary librarian

Although much was stolen from other writers the characterful voice of Hannah Glasse shines through - Try to see the beautiful first edition which was a folio volume (facsimile produced by Prospect books too)

Ann Reardon

Food scientist, pastry chef and YouTuber

Peter Hertzmann

Author and Historian

Ken Albala

Food historian

James Steen

Journalist, author and food writer

Bridget Henisch

Medieval food historian