To dress Potatoes


You must boil them in as little Water as you can without burning the Sauce-pan. Cover the Saucepan close, and when the Skin begins to crack they are enough: Drain all the Water out and let them stand cover’d for a Minute or two; then peel them, lay them in your Plate, and pour some melted Butter over them. The best Way to do them is, when they are peel’d to lay them on a Gridiron till they are of a fine Brown, and send them to Table. Another Way is to put them into a Sauce-pan with some good Beef Dripping, cover them close, and shake the Sauce-pan often for fear of burning to the Bottom: When they are of a fine Brown and crisp, take them up in a Plate, then put them into another for fear of the Fat, and put Butter in a Cup.