To dress Cauliflowers


Take your Flowers, cut off all the green Part, and then cut the Flowers into four, and lay them in Water for an Hour: Then have some Milk and Water boiling, put in the Cauliflowers, and be sure to skim the Sauce-pan well. When the Stalks are tender take them carefully up, and put them into a Cullender to drain; then put a Spoonful of Water into a clean Stew-pan with a little Dust of Flour, about a Quarter of a Pound of Butter, and shake it round till it is all finely melted, with a little Pepper and Salt; then take Half the Cauliflower and cut it as you would for Pickling, lay it into the Stew-pan, turn it, and shake the Pan round. Ten Minutes will do it. Lay the stew’d in the Middle of your Plate, and the boil’d round it: Pour the Butter you did it in over it, and send it to Table.