To dress Asparagus


Scrape all the Stalks very carefully till they look white, then cut all the Stalks even alike, throw them into Water and have ready a Stew-pan boiling: Put in some Salt, and tye the Asparagus in little Bundles. Let the Water keep boiling, and when they are a little tender take them up. If you boil them too much you lose both Colour and Taste. Cut the Round of a small Loaf about Half an Inch thick, toast it Brown on both Sides, dip it in the Asparagus Liquor, and lay it in your Dish: Pour a little Butter over the Toast, then lay your Asparagus on the Toast all round the Dish with the white Tops outward. Don’t pour Butter over the Asparagus, for that makes them greesy to the Fingers, but have your Butter in a Bason, and send it to Table.