A Second Way to make a White Fricasey


You must take two or three Rabbits or Chickens, skin them, and lay them in warm Water, and dry them with a clean Cloth; put them into a Stew-pan with a Blade or two of Mace, a little Black and a little White Pepper, an Onion, a little Bundle of Sweet Herbs, and do but just cover them with Water; stew them till they are tender, then with a Fork take them out, strain the Liquor, and put them into the Pan again with Half a Pint of the Liquor and Half a Pint of Cream, the Yolks of two Eggs beat well, Half a Nutmeg grated, a Glass of White Wine, a little Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, and a Gill of Mushrooms; keep stirring all together, all the while one Way, till it is Smooth and of a fine Thickness, and then dish it up. Add what you please.