A third Way of Making a White Fricasey


Take three Chickens, skin them, cut them into small Pieces; that is, every Joint asunder, lay them in warm Water for a Quarter of an Hour, take them out and dry them with a Cloth, then put them into a Stew-pan with Milk and Water, and boil them tender; take a Pint of good Cream, a Quarter of a Pound of Butter, and stir it till it is thick, then let it stand till it is cool, and put to it a little beaten Mace, Half a Nutmeg grated, a little Salt, a Gill of White Wine, and a few Mushrooms; stir all together, then take the Chickens out of the Stew-pan, throw away what they were boil’d in, clean the Pan, and put in the Chickens and Sauce together: Keep the Pan shaking round till they are quite hot, and dish them up. Garnish with Lemon. They will be very good without Wine.