Another Way to Fricasey Tripe

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Take a Piece of Double Tripe, cut it into Slices two Inches long and Half an Inch broad, put them into your Stew-pan, and sprinkle a little Salt over them; then put in a Bunch of Sweet Herbs, a little Lemon-peel, an Onion, a little Anchovy Pickle, and a Bay Leaf: Put all these to the Tripe, then put in just Water enough to cover them, and let them stew rill the Tripe is very tender; then take out your Tripe and strain the Liquor out, shred a Spoonful of Capers, and put to them a Glass of White Wine, and Half a Pint of the Liquor they were stew’d in: Let it boil a little while, then put in your Tripe, and beat the Yolks of three Eggs; put into your Eggs a little Mace, two Cloves, a little Nutmeg dry’d and beat fine, a small Handful of Parsley pick’d and shred fine, a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, and a Quarter of a Pint of Cream; mix all these well together and put them into your Stew-pan, keep them stirring one Way all the while, and when it is of a fine Thickness and smooth, dish it up, and garnish the Dish with Lemon. You are to observe that all Sauces which have Eggs or Cream in you must keep stirring one Way all the while they are on the Fire, or they will turn to Curds. You may add white Walnut Pickle, or Mushrooms, in the room of Capers, just to make your Sauce a little tart.