To Hash a Calf’s Head


Boil the Head almost enough, then take the left Half and with a sharp Knife take it nicely from the Bone, with the two Eyes; lay it in a little deep Dish before a good Fire, and take great Care no Ashes fall into it, and then hack it with a Knife cross and cross; grate some Nutmeg all over, a very little Pepper and Salt, a few Sweet Herbs, some Crumbs of Bread, and a little Lemon-peel chopp’d very fine; baste it with a little Butter, then baste it again and pour over it the Yolks of two Eggs; keep the Dish turning that it may be all Brown alike: Cut the other Half and Tongue into little thin Bits, and set on a Pint of drawn Gravy in a Sauce-pan, a little Bundle of Sweet Herbs, an Onion, a little Pepper and Salt, a Glass of Red Wine, and two Shalots; boil all these together a few Minutes, then strain it through a Sieve, and put it into a clean Stew-pan with the Hash: Flour the Meat before you put it in, and put in a few Mushrooms, a Spoonful of the Pickle, two Spoonfuls of Catchup, and a few Truffles and Morels; stir all these together for a few Minutes, then beat up Half the Brains and stir into the Stew-pan, and a little Piece of Butter rolled in Flour: Take the other Half of the Brains, and beat them up with a little Lemon-peel cut fine, a little Nutmeg grated, a little beaten Mace, a little Thyme shred small, a little Parsley, the Yolk of an Egg, and have some good Dripping boiling in a Stew-pan; then fry the Brains in little Cakes about as big as a Crown-piece: Fry about twenty Oysters dipp’d in the Yolk of an Egg, toast some Slices of Bacon, fry a few Force-Meat Balls, and have ready a hot Dish, if Pewter, over a few clear Coals; if China, over a Pan of hot Water; pour in your Hash, then lay in your toasted Head, throw the Force-Meat Balls over the Hash, and garnish the Dish with fry’d Oysters, the fry’d Brains, and Lemon; throw the rest over the Hash, lay the Bacon round the Dish, and send it to Table.