To Bake a Calf’s Head


Take the Head, pick it and wash it very clean; take an earthen Dish large enough to lay the Head on, rub a little Piece of Butter all over the Dish, then lay some long Iron Skewers across the Top of the Dish, and lay the Head on them; skewer up the Meat in the Middle that it don’t lie in the Dish, then grate some Nutmeg all over it, a few Sweet Herbs shred small, some Crumbs of Bread, a little Lemon-peel cut fine, and then flour it all over; stick Pieces of Butter in the Eyes and all over the Head, and flour it again: Let it be well baked, and of a fine Brown; you may throw a little Pepper and Salt over it, and put into the Dish a Piece of Beef cut small, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, an Onion, some whole Pepper, a Blade of Mace, two Cloves, a Pint of Water, and boil the Brains with some Sage: When the Head is enough, lay it on a Dish, and set it to the Fire to keep warm, then stir all together in the Dish, and boil it in a Sauce-pan; strain it off, put it into the Sauce-pan again, add a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, and the Sage in the Brains chopp’d fine, a Spoonful of Catchup, and two Spoonfuls of Red Wine, boil them together, and take the Brains, beat them well, and mix them with the Sauce; pour it into the Dish, and send it to Table. You must bake the Tongue with the Head, and don’t cut it out. It will lie the handsomer in the Dish.