A Roll’d Rump of Beef

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Cut the Meat all off the Bone whole, slit the Inside down from Top to Bottom, but not through the Skin, spread it open, take the Flesh of two Fowls and Beef Sewet, an equal Quantity, and as much cold boil’d Ham, if you have it, a little Pepper, an Anchovy, a Nutmeg grated, a little Thyme, a good deal of Parsley, a few Mushrooms, and chop them all together, beat them in a Mortar, with a Half-Pint Bason full of Crumbs of Bread; mix all these together, with four Yolks of Eggs, lay it into the Meat, cover it up, and roll it round, stick one Skewer in, and tye it with a Packthread cross and cross to hold it together; take a Pot or large Sauce-pan that will just hold it, lay a Layer of Bacon and Layer of Beef cut in thin Slices, a Piece of Carrot, some whole Pepper, Mace, Sweet Herbs, and a large Onion, lay the roll’d Beef on it, just put Water enough to the Top of the Beef, cover it close, and let it stew very softly on a slow Fire for eight or ten Hours, but not too left. When you find the Beef tender, which you will know by running a Skewer into the Meat, then take it up, cover it up hot, boil the Gravy till it is good, then strain it off, and add some Mushrooms chopp’d, some Truffles and Morels cut small, two Spoonfuls of Red or White Wine, the Yolks of two Eggs, and a Piece of Butter roll’d in Flour; boil it together, set the Meat before the Fire, baste it with Butter, and throw Crumbs of Bread all over it: When the Sauce is enough, lay the Meat into the Dish, and pour the Sauce over it. Take Care the Eggs don’t Curd.