To dress a Ham a la Braise

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Clear the Knuckle, take off the Swerd, and lay it in Water to freshen; then tye it about with a String, take Slices of Bacon and Beef, beat and season them well with Spice and Sweet Herbs; then lay them in the Bottom of a Kettle with Onions, Parsnips, and Carrots sliced, with some Gives and Parsley: Lay in your Ham the Fat Side uppermost, and cover it with Slices of Beef, and over that Slices of Bacon; then lay on some sliced Roots and Herbs, the same as under it: Cover it close, and stop it close with Paste, put Fire both over and under it, and let it stew with a very slow Fire twelve Hours; put it in a Pan, drudge it well with grated Bread, and Brown it with a hot Iron, then serve it up on a dean Napkin, Garnished with raw Parsley.

Note, If you eat it hot make a Ragoo thus: Take a Veal Sweetbread, some Livers of Fowls, Cocks Combs, Mushrooms, and Truffles, toss them up in a Pint of good Gravy, season’d with Spice as you like, thicken it with a Piece of Butter roll’d in Flour, and a Glass of Red Wine; then Brown your Ham as above and let it Hand a Quarter of an Hour to drain the Fat out; take the Liquor it was stew’d in, strain it, skim all the Fat off, put it to the Gravy and boil it up; it will do as well as the Essence of Ham. Sometimes you may serve it up with a Ragoo of Craw-fish, and sometimes with Carp Sauce.