Rabbits Surprise


Roast two half grown Rabbits, cut off the Heads close to the Shoulders and the first Joints, then take out all the lean Meat from the Back Bones, cut it small, and toss it up with six or seven Spoonfuls of Cream or Milk, and a Piece of Butter as big as a Walnut rolled in Flour, a little Nutmeg and a little Salt, shake all together till it is as thick as good Cream, and let it to cool; then make a Force Meat with a Pound of Veal, a Pound of Sewet, as much Crumbs of Bread, two Anchovies, a little Piece of Lemon-peel cut fine, a little Sprig of Thyme, and a Nutmeg grated; let the Veal and Sewet be chopped very fine, and beat in a Mortar, then mix it all together with the Yolks of two raw Eggs, place it all round the Rabbits, leaving a long Trough in the Back Bone open, that you think will hold the Meat you cut out with the Sauce, pour it in and cover it with the Force-Meat, smooth it all over with your Hand as well as you can with a raw Egg, square at both Ends, throw on a little grated Bread, and butter a Mazarine, or Pan, and rake them from the Dresser where you formed them, and place them on it very carefully, bake them three Quarters of an Hour till they are of a fine Brown Colour; let your Sauce be Gravy thickened with Butter and the Juice of a Lemon, lay them into the Dish and pour in the Sauce. Garnish with Orange cut into Quarters, and serve it for a first Course.