The French Way of Dressing Partridges


When they are newly picked and drawn, singe them: You must mince their Livers with a Bit of Butter, some scraped Bacon, green Truffles if you have any, Parsley, Chimbol, Sale, Pepper, Sweet Herbs, and Alspice; the whole being minced together, put it in the Inside of your Partridges; then stop both Ends of them; after which give them a Fry in the Stew-pan, and being done, spit them, and wrap them up in Slices of Bacon and Paper; then take a Stew-pan, and having put in an Onion cut into Slices, a Carrot cut into little Bits, with a little Oil, give them a few Tosses over the Fire; then moisten them with Gravy, Cullis, a little Essence of Ham; put therein half a Lemon cut into Slices, four Cloves of Garlick, a little Sweet Basil, Thyme, a Bay-Leaf, a little Parsley, Chimbol, a Couple of Glasses of White Wine, and sour of the Carcasses of the Partridges; let them be pounded, and put them in this Sauce. When the Fat of your Cullis is taken away, be careful to make it relishing; and after your pounded Livers are put into your Cullis, you must Strain them through a Sieve. Your Partridges being done, take them off, as also take off the Bacon and Pepper, and lay them in your Dish, with your Sauce over them.

This Dish I do not recommend; for I think it an odd Jumble of Trash, by that time the Cullis, the Essence of Ham, and all other Ingredients are reckoned, the Partridges will come to a fine Penny; but such Receipts as this, is what you have in most Books of Cookery yet printed.