To Preserve or Pickle Pig’s Feet and Ears

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Take your Feet and Ears single, and wash them well, split the Feet in two, put a Bay-Leaf between every Foot; but in almost as much Water as will cover them. When they are well steemed, add to them Cloves, Mace, whole Pepper and Ginger, Coriander-seed, and Salt, according to your Discretion; put to them a Bottle or two of Rhenish Wine, according to the Quantity you do, half a Score Bay-leaves, and a Bunch of Sweet Herbs: Let them boil softly, till they are very tender; then take them out of the Liquor, lay them in an earthen Pot, then strain the Liquor over them; when they are cold, cover them down close, and keep them for use.

You should let them stand to be cold; skim off all the Fat, and then put in the Wine and Spice.

Thy eat well cold, or at any time heat them in the Jelly, and thicken it with a little Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, makes a very pretty Dish; or heat the Ears, and take the Feet clean out of the Jelly, and roll it in Yolk of Egg, or melted Butter, and then in Crumbs of Bread, and broil them; or fry them in fresh Butter; lay the Ears in the Middle, and the Feet round, and pour the Sauce over; or you may cut the Ears in long Slips, which is better: And if you chuse it, make a good brown Gravy to mix with them, a Glass of White Wine and some Mustard, thickened with a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour.