To make a Ragoo Onions


Take a Pint of little young Onions, peel them, and take four large ones, peal them, and cut them very small; put a Quarter of a Pound of good Butter into a Stew-pan, when it is melted and done making a Noise, throw in your Onions, and fry them till they begin to look a little brown; the Shake in a little Flour, and shake them round till they are thick; throw in a little Salt, and a little beaten Pepper, and a Quarter of a Pint of good Gravy, and a Tea Spoonful of Mustard. Stir all together, and when it is well tailed, and of a good Thickness, pour it into your Dish, and Garnish it with fry’d Crombs of Bread or Raspings. They make a pretty little Dish, and are very good. You may strew fine Raspings in the room of Flour, if you please.