A Third Salamongundy


Mince Veal or Fowl very small, a pickle Herring boned and picked small, Cucumber minced small, Apples minced small, and Onion peeled, and minced small, some pickled red Cabbage chopped small, cold Pork minced small, or cold Duck or Pigeons minced small, boiled Parsley chopped fine, Sallery cut small, hard Eggs the Yolks chopped small, and the Whites chopped small, and either lay all the Ingredients by themselves separate on Saucers, or in Heaps in a Dish. Dish them out with what Pickles you have, and sliced Lemon nicely cut; and if you can get Station-flowers lay round it, make a fine Middle-dish for Supper; but you may always make a Salamongundy of such things as you have, according to your Fancy. The other Sorts you have in the Chapter of Fasts.