A Peas-Soop

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Boil a Quart of Split-peas in a Gallon of Water; when they are quite soft, put in half a Red Herring, or two Anchovies, a good deal of whole Pepper black and white, two or three Blades of Mace, four or five Cloves, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, a large Onion, and the green Tops of a Bundle of Salary, a good Bundle of dried Mint, cover them close, and let them boil softly, till there is about two Quarts; then strain it off, and have ready the white Part of the Salary washed clean, and cut small, and stewed tender in a Quart of Water, some Spinage picked and washed clean, put to the Salary; let them stew till the Water is quite wasted, and put it to your Soop.

Take a French Role, take out the Crumb, fry the Crust brown in a little fresh Butter, take some Spinage, stew it in a little Butter, after it is boiled, and fill the Role; take the Crumb, cut it to Pieces, beat it in a Mortar with a raw Egg, a little Spinage, and a little Sorrel, a little beaten Mace, and a little Nutmeg, and an Anchovy; then mix it up with your Hand, and roll them into Balls with a little Flour, and cut some Bread into Dice, and fry them crisp. Pour your Soop into your Dish, put in the Balls and Bread, and the Role in the Middle. Garnish your Dish with Spinage: If it wants Salt, you must season it to your Palate, rub in some dried Mint.