A Green Peas-Soop


Take a Quart of old Green Peas, and boil them till they are quite tender as Pap, in a Quart of Water, then strain them through a Sieve, and boil a Quart of young Peas in that Water. In the mean time put the old Peas into a Sieve, pour half a Pound of melted Butter over them, and strain them through the Sieve with the Back of a Spoon, till you have got all the Pulp. When the young Peas are boiled enough, add the Pulp and Butter to the young Peas and Liquor; stir them together till they are smooth, and season with Pepper and Salt. You may fry a French Role, and let it swim in the Dish. If you like it, boil a Bundle of Mint in the Peas.

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