An Onion Soop


Take half a Pound of Butter, put it into a Stew-pan on the Fire, let it all melt, and boil till it has done making any Noise; then have ready ten or a Dozen middling Onions peeled, and cut small, throw them into the Butter, and let them fry a quarter of an Hour; then shake in a little Flour, and stir them round; shake your Pan, and let them do a few Minutes longer, then pour in a Quart or three Pints of boiling Water, stir them round, take a good Piece of Upper-crust, the stalest Bread you have, about as big as the Top of a Penny-loaf cut small, and throw it in; season with Salt to your Palate; let it boil ten Minutes, stirring it often; then take it off the Fire, and have ready the Yolks of two Eggs beat fine, with half a Spoonful of Vinegar; mix some of the Soop with them, then stir it into your Soop, and mix it well, and pour it into your Dish. This is a delicious Dish.