Vine-Leaves Fritters


Take some of the smallest Vine-leaves you can get, and having cut off the great Stalks, put them in a Dish with some French Brandy, green Lemon rasped, and some Sugar; take a good Handful of fine Flour, mixed with White Wine or Ale, let your Butter be hot, and with a Spoon drop in your Batter; take great Care they don’t stick one to the other; on each Fritter lay a Leaf; fry them quick, and strew Sugar over them, and glaze them with a red-hot Shovel.

With all Fritter made with Milk and Eggs, you should have beaten Cinnamon and Sugar in a Saucer, and either squeeze an Orange over it, or pour a Glass of White Wine, and so throw Sugar all over the Dish, and they should be fry’d in a good deal of Fat; therefore they are best fried in Beef-dripping, or Hog’s-lard, when it can be done.