To make pretty Almond Puddings


Take a Pound and half of blanched Almonds, beat them fine with a little Rose-water, a Pound of grated Bread, a Pound and quarter of fine Sugar, a quarter of an Ounce of Cinnamon, and a large Nutmeg beat fine, half a Pound of melted Butter, mixed with the Yolks of Eggs, and four Whites beat fine, a Pint of Sack, a Pint and half of Cream, some Rose or Orange-flower Water, boil the Cream, and tye a little Bag of Saffron, and dip in the Cream to colour it. First beat your Eggs very well, and mix with your Batter; beat it up, then the Spice, then the Almonds, then the Rose-water and Wine by degrees, beating it all the time, then the Sugar, and then the Cream by degrees, keeping it stirring, and a quarter of a Pound of Vermicelly. Stir all together, have some Hog’s Guts nice and clean; fill them only half full, and as you put in the Ingredients, here and there put in a Bit of Citron, tye both Ends of the Gut tight, and boil them about a quarter of an Hour. You may add Currans for Change.