To Boil a Turbutt


Lay it in a good deal of Salt and Water an Hour or two; and if it is not quite sweet, shift your Water five or six times; first put in a good deal of Salt in the Mouth and Belly.

In the mean time set on your Fish-Kettle with clean Water and Salt, a little Vinegar, and a Piece of Horse-reddish. When the Water boils, lay the Turbutt on a Fish-plate, put it into the Kettle, let it be well boiled; but take great Care it is not too much done; when enough, take off the Fish-Kettle, set it before the Fire, and carefully lift up the Fish-plate: set it across the Kettle to drain; in the mean time melt a good deal of fresh Butter, and bruise in either the Body of one or two Lobsters, and the Meat cut small, and give it a boil, and pour it into Basons. This is the best Sauce; but you may make what you please. Lay the Fish in the Dish; Garnish with scraped Horse-reddish and Lemon, and pour a few Spoonfuls of Sauce over it.