To Roast a Fillet or Collar of Sturgeon


Take a Piece of fresh Sturgeon, scale it, gut it, take out the Bones, and cut in Lengths about seven or eight Inches; then provide some Shrimp-pickle and Oysters, an equal Quantity of Crumbs of Bread, and a little Lemon-peel grated, some Nutmeg, a little beaten Mace, a little Pepper, and chopped Parsley, a few Sweet Herbs, an Anchovy, mix it together; when it is done, butter one Side of your Fish, and drew some of your Mixture upon it; then begin to roll it up as close as possible, and when the first Piece is rolled up, roll upon that another, prepared in the same manner, and bind it round with a narrow Fillet, leaving as much of the Fish apparent as may be; but you must mind that the Roll must not be above four Inches and a half thick, for else one Part will be done before the Inside is warm, therefore we often parboil the inside Roll before we roll it. When it is enough, lay it in your Dish, and prepare Sauce as above. Garnish with Lemon.