To make a Collar of Fish in Ragoo, to look like a Breast of Veal Collared


Take a large Eel, skin it, wash it clean, and parboil it, pick off the Flesh, and beat it in a Mortar; season it with beaten Mace, Nutmeg, Pepper, Salt, a few Sweet Herbs, Parsley, and a little Lemon peal chopped small; beat all well together with an equal Quantity of Crumbs of Bread; mix it well together, then take a Turbut, Soals, Scate or Thornback, or any flat Fish, that will roll cleverly; lay the flat Fish on the Dresser, take away all the Bones and Fins, and cover your Fish with the Farce; then roll it up as tight as you can, and open the Skin of your Eel, and bind the Collar with it nicely; so that it may be flat Top and Bottom, to stand well in the Dish; then butter an earthen Dish, and set it in it upright, flour it all over, and stick a Piece of Butter on the Top, and round the Edges; so that it may run down on the Fish, and let it be well baked, but take great Care it is not broke; let there be a quarter of a Pint of Water in the Dish.

In the mean time, take the Water the Eel was boiled in, and all the Bones of the Fish, set them on to boil, season them with Mace, Cloves, black and white Pepper, Sweet Herbs, and Onion, cover it close, and let it boil till there is about a quarter of a Pint; then strain it, add to it, a few Truffles and Morels, a few Mushrooms, two Spoonfuls of Ketchup, a Gill of Red Wine, a Piece of Butter as big as a large Wallnut rolled in Flour. Stir all together, season it with Salt to your Palate, save some of the Farce you make of the Eel, and mix with the Yolk of an Egg, and roll them up in little Balls with Flour, and fry them, of a light-brown. When your Fish is enough, lay it in your Dish, skim all the Fat off the Pan, and pour the Gravy to your Sauce. Let it all boil together till it is thick; then pour it over the Roll, and put in your Balls. Garnish with Lemon.

This does best in a Tin Oven before the Fire, because then you can baste it as you please. This is a fine Bottom-dish.