To Dress Spinage


Pick and wash your Spinage well, put it into a Sauce-pan, with a little Salt, cover it close, and let it Stew till it is just tender, then throw it into a Sieve, drain all the Liquor out, and chop it small, as much as the Quantity of a French Role, add Half a Pint of Cream to it, season with Salt, Pepper, and grated Nutmeg, put in a quarter of a Pound of Butter, and set it a flawing over the Fire for a quarter of an Hour, stirring it often. Cut a French Role into long Pieces, about as thick as your Finder, fry them, poach Six Eggs, lay them round on the Spinage, stick the Pieces of Role in and about the Eggs. Serve it up either for a Supper, or a Side-dish at a second Course.