A Pretty Dish of Eggs


Boil Six Eggs hard, peel them, and cut them in thin Slices, put a quarter of a Pound of Butter into the Stew-pan, then put in your Eggs, and fry them quick, half a quarter of an Hour will do them. You must be very careful not to break them, throw over them Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg, lay them in your Dish before the Fire, pour out all the Fat, shake in a little Flour, and have ready two Shallots cut small; throw them into the Pan, pour in a quarter of a Pint of White Wine, a little Juice of Lemon, and a little Piece of Butter rolled in Flour. Stir all together till it is thick; if you have not Sauce enough, put in a little more Wine, toast some thin Slices of Bread cut thus ∆, and lay round your Dish, pour the Sauce all over, and send it to Table hot. You may put Sweet Oil on the Toast, if it be agreeable.