A Ragoo of Eggs

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Boil twelve Eggs bard, take off the Shells, and with a little Knife very carefully cut the White a cross long-ways, so that the White may be in two Halves, and the Yolk whole. Be careful neither to break the Whites, nor Yolks, take a quarter of a Pint of Pickle Mushrooms chopped very fine, half an Ounce of Truffles and Morells, boiled in three or four Spoonfuls of Water, save the Water, and chop the Truffles and Morells very small, boil a little Parsley, chop it fine, mix them together with the Truffle Water you saved, grate a little Nutmeg in, a little beaten Mace, put it into a Sauce-pan with three Spoonfuls of Water, a Gill of Red Wine, one Spoonful of Ketchup, a Piece of Butter, as big as a large Wallnut, rolled in Flour, stir all together, and let it boil. In the mean time get ready your Eggs, lay the Yolks and Whites in Order in your Dish, the hollow Parts of the Whites uppermost, that they may be filled, take some Crumbs of Bread, and fry them brown and crisp, as you do for Larks, with which fill up the Whites of the Eggs as high as they will lye, then pouf in your Sauce all over, and Garnish with fry’d Crumbs of Bread. This is a very genteel pretty Dish, if it be well done.