A Grand Dish of Eggs


Break as many Eggs as the Yolks will fill a Pint Bason, the Whites by themselves, tye the Yolks by themselves in a Bladder round; boil them hard, then have a wooden Bowl that will hold a Quart, made like two Butter-dishes, but in the Shape of an Egg, with a Hole through one at the Top. You are to observe, when you boil the Yolks to run a Pack-thread through it, and a quarter of a Yard hanging out. When the Yolk is boiled hard, put it into the Bowl-dish; but be careful to hang it so as to be in the Middle. The String being drawn through the Hole, then clap the two Bowls together, and tye them tight, and with a fine Tunnel pour in the Whites through the Hole; then stop the Hole close, and boil it hard, it will take an Hour. When it is boiled enough, carefully open it, and cut the String close. In the mean time take twenty Eggs, beat them well, the Yolks by themselves, and the Whites by themselves; divide the Whites into two, and boil them in Bladders the Shape of an Egg. When they are boiled hard, cut one in two long-ways, and one cross-ways, and with a fine sharp Knife cut out some of the White in the Middle, lay the great Egg in the Middle, the two long Halves on each Side, with the hollow Part uppermost, and the two round flat between. Take an Ounce of Truffles and Morells, cut them very small, boil them in Half a Pint of Water till they are tender, then chop a Pint of fresh Mushrooms clean picked and waffled, chopped small, put into the Truffles and Morells; let them boil, add a little Salt, a little beaten Nutmeg, a little beaten Mace, and add a Gill of pickled Mushrooms chopped fine. Bod fourteen of the Yolks hard in a Bladder, then chop them and mix them with the other Ingredients; thicken it with a Lump of Butter rolled in Flour, shaking your Sauce pan round till hot and thick, then fill the round with Whites, and turn them down again, and fill the two long ones; what remains, save to put into the Sauce pan. Take a Pint of Cream, a quarter of a Pound of Butter, the other four Yolks beat fine, a Gill of White Wine, a Gill of pickled Mushrooms, a little beaten Mace, a little Nutmeg, put all into the Sauce-pan, to the other Ingredients, stir all well together one way, till it is thick and fine; then pour it over all, and garnish with notched Lemon.

This is a grand Dish at a second Course. Or you may mix it up with Red Wine and Butter, and it will do for a first Course.