Peas Françoise


Take a Quart of shelled Peas, cut a large Spanish Onion, or two middling ones small, and two Cabbage or Silesia Lettice cut small, put them into a Sauce-pan, with Half a Pint of Water, season them with a little Salt, a little beaten Pepper, and a little beaten Mace, and Nutmeg. Cover them close, and let them stew a quarter of an Hour, then put in a quarter of a Pound of fresh Butter rolled in a little Flour, a Spoonful of Ketchup, a little Piece of burnt Butter, as big as a Nutmeg, cover them close, and let it simmer softly an Hour, often shaking the Pan. When it is enough, serve it up for a Side-dish.

For an Alteration, you may stew the Ingredients as above; then take a small Cabbage-lettice, and half boil it, then drain it, cut the Stalk flat at the Bottom, so that it will Hand firm in the Dish, and with a Knife very carefully cut out the Middle, leaving the outside Leaves whole. Put what you cut out into a Sauce-pan, chop it, and put a Piece of Butter, a little Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg, the Yolk of a hard Egg chopped, a few Crumbs of Bread, mix all together, and when it is hot fill your Cabbage, put some Butter into a Stew-pan, tye your Cabbage, and fry it till you think it is enough; then take it up, untye it, and first pour the Ingredients of Peas into your Dish, set the Forced Cabbage in the Middle, and have ready four Artichoke-bottoms fry’d, and cut in two, and laid round the Dish. This will do for a Top Dish.