A Farce Meagre Cabbage


Take a White-heart Cabbage, as big as the Bottom of a Plate, let it boil five Minutes in Water, then drain it, cut the Stalk flat to stand in the Dish, then carefully open the Leaves, and takeout the Inside, leaving the outside Leaves whole. Chop what you take out very fine, take the Flesh of two or three Flounders, or Plaise, clean from the Bone; chop it with the Cabbage and the Yolks of four hard Eggs and Whites, a Handful of picked Parsley, beat all together in a Mortar, with a quarter of a Pound of melted Butter; mix it up with the Yolk of an Egg, and a few Crumbs of Bread, fill the Cabbage, and tye it together, put it into a deep Stew-pan, or Sauce-pan, put to it Half a Pint of Water, a quarter of a Pound of Butter rolled in a little Flour, the Yolks of four hard Eggs, an Onion stuck with six Cloves, whole Pepper, and Mace tied in a Mullin Rag, half an Ounce of Truffles and Morells, a Spoonful of Ketchup, a few pickled Mushrooms, cover it close, and let it simmer an Hour. If you find it is not enough, you must do it longer. When it is done, lay it in your Dish, untye it, and pour the Sauce over.