Puddings for little Dishes


Take a Pint of Cream, and boil it, and flit a Halfpenny-loaf, and pour the Cream hot over it, and cover it close till it is cold; then beat it fine, and grate in half a large Nutmeg, a quarter of a Pound of Sugar, the Yolks of four Eggs, but two Whites well beat; beat it all well together. With the half of this fill four little wooden Dishes, colour one yellow with Saffron, one red with Cochineal, green with the Juice of Spinage, and blue with Syrrup of Violets; the rest mix, an Ounce of Sweet Almonds blanched and beat fine, and fill a Dish. Your Dishes must be small, and tye your Covers over very close with Pack-thread. When your Pot boils, put them in, an Hour will boil them; when enough, turn them out in a Dish, the white One in the Middle, and the four coloured ones round. When they are enough, melt some fresh Butter, with a Glass of Sack, and pour over, and throw Sugar all over the Dish. The white Pudding Dish must be of a larger Size than the rest; and be sure to butter your Dishes well before you put them in, and don’t fill them too full.