A Boiled Rice Pudding


Having got a quarter of a Pound of the Flour of Rice, put it over the Fire in a Pint of Milk, and keep it stirring constantly, that it may not clod nor burn. When it is of a good Thickness, take it off, and pour it into an earthen Pan; stir in half a Pound of Butter very smooth, and Half a Pint of Cream or new Milk, sweeten it to your Palate, grate in half a Nutmeg, and the outward Rind of a Lemon; beat up the Yolks of Six Eggs, and two Whites, beat all well together, boil it either in small China-basons or wooden Bowls. When boiled, turn them in a Dish, and pour melted Butter over them, with a little Sack, and throw Sugar all over.