A Spinage Pudding


Take a quarter of a Peck of Spinage, picked and washed clean, put it into a Sauce-pan, with a little Salt, cover it close, and when it is boiled just tender, throw it into a Sieve to drain; then chop it with a Knife, beat up Six Eggs, and mix well with it Half a Pint of Cream, and a stale Role grated fine, a little Nutmeg, and a quarter of a Pound of melted Butter; stir all well together, put it into the Sauce-pan you boiled the Spinage in, and keep stirring it all the time till it begins to thicken • then wet and flour your Cloth very well, tye it up, and boil it an Hour. When it is enough, turn it into your Dish, and pour melted Butter over it, and the Juice of a Seville Orange, if you like it; as to Sugar, you must add, or let it alone, just to your Taste. You may bake it; but then you should put in a Quarter of a Pound of Sugar. You may add Bisket in the room of Bread, if you like it better.