A Florendine of Oranges or Apples


Get half a Dozen Seville Oranges, save the Juice, take out the Pulp, lay them in Water twenty-four Hours, shift them three or four times, then boil them in three or four Waters; then drain them from the Water, put to them a Pound of Sugar, and their Juice, boil them to a Syrup, rake great care they don’t stick to the Pan you do them in, and set them by for use. When you use them, lay a Puff-paste all over the Dish, boil ten Pippins pared, quartered, and cored in a little Water and Sugar, and slice two of the Oranges, and mix with the Pippins in the Dish; bake it in a slow Oven with Crust as above. Or just bake the Crust, and then lay in the Ingredients.