An Artichoke Pye


Boil twelve Artichokes, take off all the Leaves and Choke, and take the Bottoms clear from the Stalk, make a good Puff-paste Crust, lay a quarter of a Pound of good fresh Butter all over the Bottom of your Pye; then lay a Row of Artichokes, strew a little Pepper, Salt, and beaten Mace over them, then another Row, and strew the rest of your Spice over them, put in a quarter of a Pound more of Butter in little Bits, take half an Ounce of Truffles and Morells, boil them in a quarter of u Pint of Water, pour the Water into the Pye, cut the Truffles and Morells very small, throw all over the Pye; then have ready twelve Eggs boiled hard, take only the hard Yolks, lay them all over the Pye, pour in a Gill of White Wine, cover your Pye and bake it, When the Crust is done, the Pye is enough. Four large Blades of Mace, and twelve Pepper-corns well beat will do, with a Tea Spoonful of Salt.