An Onion Pye


Wash, and pare some Potatoes, and cut them in Slices, peel some Onions, cut them in Slices, pare some Apples and slice them, make a good Crust, cover your Dish, lay a quarter of a Pound of Butter all over, take a quarter of an Ounce of Mace beat fine, a Nutmeg grated, a Tea Spoonful of beaten Pepper, three Tea Spoonfuls of Salt, mix all together, strew some over the Butter, lay a Layer of Potatoes, a Layer of Onion, a Layer of Apple, and a Layer of Eggs, and so on, till you have filled your Pye, strewing a little of the Seasoning between each Layer, and a quarter of a Pound of Butter in Bits, and Six Spoonfuls of Water. Close your Pye, and bake it an Hour and half: a Pound of Potatoes, a Pound of Onion, a Pound of Apples, and twelve Eggs will do.