To Pickle or Bake Mackrel, to keep all the Tear


Gut them, cut off their Heads, cut them open, dry them very well with a clean Cloth, take a Pan which they will lye cleverly in, lay a few Bay-leaves at the Bottom, rub the Bone with a little Bay Salt beat fine, take a little beaten Mace, a few Cloves beat fine, black and white Pepper beat fine; mix a little Salt, rub them inside and out with the Spice, lay them in the Pan, and between every Lay of the Mackrel put a few Bay-leaves; then cover them with Vinegar, tye them down close with brown Paper, put them into a slow Oven they will take a good while doing; when they are enough, uncover them, and let them stand till cold, then pour away all that Vinegar, and put as much good Vinegar as will cover them, and put in an Onion stuck with Cloves. Send them to the Oven again, and let them stand two Hours in a very slow Oven, they will keep all the Year; but you must not put in your Hands to take out the Mackrel, if you can avoid it, but take a Slice to take them out with. The great Bones of the Mackrel taken out and broiled, is a pretty little Plate to fill up a Corner of a Table.