To boil a Chicken


Let your Sauce-pan be very clean and nice, and when the Water boils, put in your Chicken, which must be very nicely picked and clean, and laid in cold Water a quarter of an Hour before it is boiled; then take it up out of the Water boiling, and lay it in a Pewter-dish. Save all the Liquor that runs from it in the Dish, cut up your Chicken all in Joints in the Dish; then bruise the Liver very fine, add a little boiled Parsley chopped very fine, and a very little Salt, and a very little grated Nutmeg; mix it all well together, with two Spoonfuls of the Liquor of the Fowl, then pour it into the Dish with the rest of the Liquor in the Dish. If there is not Liquor enough, take two or three Spoonfuls of the Liquor it was boiled in; then clap another Dish over it, and set it over a Chasindish of hot Coals five or six Minutes, and carry it to Table hot, with the Cover on. This is better than Butter, and lighter for the Stomach; though some chuse it only with the Liquor, and no Parsley, nor Liver, or any thing else; but that is according to different Palates. If it is for a very weak Person, take off the Skin of the Chicken before you set it on the Chasindish. If you roast if, make nothing but Bread-sauce, and that is lighter than any Sauce you can make for a weak Stomach.

Thus you may dress a Rabbit, only bruise but a little Piece of the Liver.