To Pot Pigeons, or Fowls


Cut off their Legs, draw them, and wipe them with a Cloth; but don’t wash them. Season them pretty well with Pepper and Salt, and put them in a Pot, with as much Butter as you think will cover them, when melted, and baked very tender; then drain them very dry from the Gravy, lay them on a Cloth, and that will fuck up all the Gravy. Season them again with Salt, Mace, Cloves, and Pepper beaten fine, and put them down close into a Pot. Take the Butter, when cold, clear from the Gravy, set it before the Fire to melt, and pour over the Birds; if you have not enough, clarify some more, and let the Butter be near an Inch thick above the Birds. Thus you may do all Sorts of Fowl.—Only Wild Fowl should be boned.