To pot Tongues


Take a Neat’s Tongue, rub it with a Pound of white Salt, an Ounce of Salt-petre, Half a Pound of coarse Sugar, rub it well, turn it every Day in this Pickle for a Fortnight. This Pickle will do several Tongues, only adding a little more white Salt; or we generally do them after our Hams. Take the Tongue out of the Pickle, cut off the Root, and boil it well, till it will peel; then take your Tongues and season them with Salt, Pepper, Cloves, Mace and Nutmeg, all beat fine, rub it well with your Hands whilst it is hot, then put it into a Pot, and melt as much Butter as will cover it all over. Bake it an Hour in the Oven, then take it out, let it Hand to cool, rub a little fresh Spice on it; and when it is quite cold, lay it in your Pickling-pot. When your Butter is cold you baked it in, take it off clean from the Gravy, set it in an earthen Pan before the Fire; and when it is melted, pour it over the Tongue. You may lay Pigeons or Chickens on each Side; be sure to let the Butter be about an Inch above the Tongue.