To souse a Turkey, in Imitation of Sturgeon


Take a fine large Turkey, dress it very clean, dry and bone it, then tye it up, as you do Sturgeon; put into the Pot you boil it in, one Quart of White Wine, one Quart of Water, and one Quart of good Vinegar, and a very large Handful of Salt, let it boil, and scum it well, and then put in the Turkey. When it is enough, take it out, and tye it tighter. Let the Liquor boil a little longer; and if you think the Pickle wants more Vinegar or Salt, add it when it is cold, pour it upon the Turkey. It will keep some Months, covering it close from the Air, and keeping it in a dry cool Place. Eat it with Oil and Vinegar, and Sugar, just as you like it. Some admire it more than Sturgeon; it looks pretty covered with Fennel for a Side-Dish.