To make Beef Hams


Take the Leg of a fat, but small Beef, the Fat Scotch or Welch Cattle is best; cut it Ham-fashion, take an Ounce of Bay-salt, an Ounce of Salt-petre, a Pound of common Salt, and a Pound of coarse Sugar, (this Quantity for about fourteen or fifteen Pounds Weight, and so accordingly, if you pickle the whole Quarter) rub it with the above Ingredients, turn it every Day, and baste it well with the Pickle for a Month; then take it out and roll it in Bran, or Saw-dust, and bang it in Wood-smoke, where there is but little Fire, and a constant Smoke fora Month; then take it down, and hang it in a dry Place, not hot, and keep it for use. You may cut a Piece off as you have Occasion, and either boil it or cut it in Rashers, and broiled with poached Eggs; or boil a Piece, and it eats fine cold, and will Oliver like Dutch Beef. After this Beef is done, you may do a thick Brisket of Beef in the same Pickle. Let it lay a Month, rubbing it every Day with the Pickle, then boil it till it is tender, hang it in a dry Place, and it eats finely cold, cut in Slices on a Plate. It is a pretty thing for a Side-dish, or for Supper. A Shoulder of Mutton laid in this Pickle a Week, hung in Wood-smoke two or three Days, and then boiled with Cabbage, is very good.